lunes, julio 13, 2009

It was a great ride, my friend.

What else can I say ? My friend, it was a great ride; but all things have to end one day. Remember when you and I used to go everywhere. Nobody to follow us, nothing to be worried about. Days and days of drinking non stop. Las vegas..... crazy wekeend. Cancun on Spring break. Been there, done that. Punta Cana, yeap. I was there too. And a lot of places that I cannot write about because this blog is a "PG-13 Blog".

Now is not you and I anymore. For a matter of fact, is not you at all!!!! I leave you behind, it does not hurt me to do that because we had a great ride, and you should be happy too. After all 34 years is a lot of time... Isnt' it? It was a lot of fun. We did everything and nothing. Nothing and everything.

It was a great ride my friend.

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